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    Boycotting Occupation: Educators and Palestine

    This editorial, by the editors of Rethinking Schools, first appeared in Rethinking Schools magazine, spring 2016. “They are targeting our children. They know our children are the future of Palestine,” a mother and community activist told Rethinking Schools editor Jody Sokolower. In this Palestinian woman’s …

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    Education Under Occupation: East Jerusalem

    An interview with Zakaria Odeh This interview, by Jody Sokolower, first appeared in Rethinking Schools magazine, spring 2016. When Israel declared itself a state in 1948, it forcibly ejected 750,000 Palestinians, who became refugees. The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, ended up under Jordanian control; Gaza …

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    Children’s Books About Palestine

      By Katharine Davies Samway This article appeared originally in Rethinking Schools, vol. 27, no. 2, winter 2012–13.   It was a beautiful fall day for the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festival and I was volunteering at a booth devoted to …

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    Independence or Catastrophe?

    Teaching Palestine through multiple narratives By Samia Shoman This article first appeared in Rethinking Schools magazine, summer 2014. Introduction Long before I was born in 1975, the course of my life had been drastically altered by history. When David Ben-Gurion declared the creation and independence …

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    Advocating for Arabic: An interview with Lara Kiswani

    By Jody Sokolower An earlier version of this article appeared in Rethinking Schools magazine, spring 2017. A few years ago, the Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, and Arabic- and Vietnamese-speaking families in San Francisco organized a successful campaign to add …

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